Days 47-51

Day 47- Dorthy Braids. I finally got the video shot for this one and posted it earlier this week. You can find that tutorial here at this link. Beans loves her Dorthy braids a lot. And I had someone on facebook share a link to the new movie Oz the Great and Powerful. Holy Smokes can I just say how excited I am for that movie. That's going to be fun!!!

Day 48- We did just flat iron curls for day 48. I was rushing out to work and this was a nice quick one for us. She is wearing a cute headband from All Things Ribbon.

Day 49- I woke up on day 49 with NO VOICE at all. It was a bit of a rough morning when it comes to communication. But we did some cute flowers in Beans hair for day 49. I love these flowers. The tutorial can be found here.

Day 50- I was kind of over my own stuff and at the same time not feeling creative on my own Thursday morning, so I tried one I have had on my own want to try list for a while from Mindy at Adopt a' Do Hairstyles. It turned out cute. Beans loved it!

Day 51- And here we are on the count down!!! We finally passed number 50 and we are moving in that direction... the down slope. Well I'm still sick today so I just kept it simple on myself and gave Beans a lovely four strand braid that met in the middle. Its just a lovely simple hairstyle. The tutorial for the braid can be found at this link.

Well I hope you have a lovely week and I hope you are getting ready for Thanksgiving. I did most of my shopping last night. I'm so excited!!!! Its going to be a fun year.

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