Days 43-46

It was another short week for my kids. So we just had four days of school this week. Can you believe that next week we will hit our half way mark for 100 days of hair styles. Are you seeing any trends? Which style do you see us using most often?

Day 43- We just did our knots on day 43 and pulled them into a side ponytail. She was wanting a side ponytail, so we gave it a go. Its pretty cute.

Day 44- I see people with low braids that follow the hair line EVERYWHERE right now. Its a trend that I haven't embarrassed. So I just braided as low as I could by the hair line. I'm not a huge fan. What are your thoughts? Braid tutorial can be found here.

Day 45- I love this style. You can check out the tutorial at this link.

Day 46- I didn't take a great picture of this one from the back. I think I was more happy with her bangs that day. Luckily there is a tutorial for how I did her hair on Friday and you can see the tutorial on this link. Her bangs are looking really good though! Love them!!!

Well we will see you nest week with number 50 in the mix! I'm so excited. This has been a fun experiment.


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  2. I love the Day 46 hairdo!!!! Beans is such a cutie :)

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