Day 52- 58

Yes this post spans over two weeks of hairstyles. Last week with it being the holiday I took the week off of posting hairstyles.  There was only two days of school last week, so joining them with this week is what made the most sense to me.

Day 52- Beans just wanted her hair left down (this has been her favorite lately), so we just used the flat iron to flip out the ends and she put in my favorite headband!

Day 53- This is just a simple braid on the top of beans head pulled back into a ponytail. Just for fun go check out this same concept amped up in cuteness by like 100%.

Day 54- We love our messy buns! I don't think we have done this one with bangs yet, so I made sure to take a front photo. Tutorial for our messy buns can be found here.

Day 55- We went with her hair down again, but did flat iron curls on this one. Love flat iron curls. They are the only type of curl that lasts in Beans hair. Tutorial can be found here.

Day 56- Knots! We do this one all the time. Its nothing new, but if its new to you and you want the tutorial feel free to click the link.

Day 57- We woke up SOOOOOOO late today. We went with just the standard ponytail. For smoothing tips check out this link second video down.

Day 58- Piggy tails. Nothing more nothing less. I was rushing off to the salon. Beans had wanted the pigtails with bows on top, but I just didn't have enough time. And that is actually a quick hairstyle to do, but it just wasn't going to happen. Better luck next time!

Well thanks for watching, sorry we didn't have anything new this week as far as peeks into the future video's you may see. We did have a nice new tutorial on that ladder braid which has been a huge hit! Thanks for sharing it and for the support. You guys really are the best!!!

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