Day 38-42

Its been... a week. This post was supposed to happen Friday, but I was given some bad news last week ending it on a low note that needed my attention as priority number one. Everyone that reads my blog has a family (or at least loved ones), so I am grateful to know that you understand. THANK YOU!!!

Day 38- If you remember we ended the week before with cutting Beans some beautiful bangs. We are totally loving these bangs. One reader commented that she was EXCITED to see some of our usual styles but with bangs. ME TOO!!! So the first one I did is one of our most popular most viewed styles that we did when Beans hair was short. This is a great style that can be used in short hair or long hair. Its very versatile. For the tutorial please click on this link.

Day 39- This one we wanted to do too because it is a favorite and we figured we'd share with you how it looks with bangs too. This tutorial can be found at this link. That link leads you to a different style, but its the same idea for the twists we used on top.

Day 40- was Halloween!!! Beans was wearing a witch hat and I offered her lots of curls or Bantu Knots the night before, but she just wanted straight hair for her costume. So we went with stick straight cuteness.

Day 41- We woke up so tired from staying up way to late on a school night the day before. I just started braiding and didn't really have a plan for this hair style. It still ended up cute, but I am pretty sure I was so tired I was "Sleep Styling". If you are still working on braiding please see our video here.

Day 42- I kind of hate when Beans comes to me with this accessory called a Knot Head. They are a great accessory, don't get me wrong, but I feel limited in my style when I use them. They look cool and you aren't using an elastic when you use them, but they aren't my favorite. But she insisted, so I gave her a conch shell type bun.

Well there you have it. Sorry its almost time for me to post this week already, but you can just call that a double bonus-- kind of.

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  1. I love your weekly roundups! I started reading your blog nearly four years ago, when I found out I was having a GIRL, and she's finally getting old enough to sit still and enjoy getting her hair done.

    I have a question-- Beans' hair is always so sleek and shiny. My daughter has TONS of flyaways and those short little hairs that are still growing in, and they stick up all over the place. Is there a solution to this? I try to be careful but I know I'm probably causing some breakage too. She has very fine, straight hair; it's just all those wisps!



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