Week of Beans {School} Hair

I know I missed posting this on Friday like I usually do, and I apologize. Last year I had my sewing machine broken {on accident} by my son. Well my mom let me borrow hers for a week while she is between projects, so I am trying to finish up (and start) my Halloween costumes. Anyone who's followed Girly Do's for a while knows I am CRAZY passionate about Halloween. So I have been spending my time working on costumes. SOOOO ExCITED!!!

So this week I feel like I didn't get to crazy with Beans hair. We didn't do anything to over the top. But she looked nice every day and that is really the over-all goal.

Day 20- We did beans hair in side knots. Its starting to look like this is one I use often. I generally use it at least once a week. I started this project of taking pictures of her hair from being often asked which hairstyles we use most. Its looking like this one is used often. Tutorial can be found here.

Day 21- Beans wanted her hair down today, so we flat-ironed her hair to be flipped out on the ends. She is wearing one of her favorite headbands from All Things Ribbon. I start thinking she is getting to big for headbands and then she goes and puts one in and proves me wrong. SO DANG CUTE! And really can you EVER be to BIG for a cute flower headband?

Day 22- We had doctors appointments I was kind of getting ready for on day 22, but I had a little bit of time to experiment with something I am trying to learn and make a tutorial for. So there isn't a tutorial for this one. It was kind of an experiment day.

Day 23- PICTURE DAY AT SCHOOL. I'll give you my advice about pictures. DON'T experiment on picture day. Stick with what you know and do her hair in a style she often wears. You will want to remember them for who they are and not for what you made them look like on that day. I did spruce up her hair on picture day with some fabulous flat-iron curls. Call me crazy, but I just truly think flatiron curls look so much better and hold up so very much better than regular curls. Tutorial on flatiron curls can be found here.

Day 24- We went with a quick style because I had a PTA things and shopping that day, so it was another ponytail day. But we did a little side twist on this one and gave her a cute TWEEN bump in the back. It was brushed out curls from the day before too. It looks very grown up.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on your picture day opinion. Do you agree with my thoughts, or do you think you should do something more special for picture day?


  1. I think doing their hair a normal way that they wear it is nice. Besides, they had gym BEFORE pictures this year so I knew any curls or special do would be ruined. I've also given up on finding a special fancy dress. Since it's only the head, I just pick a shirt that looks nice instead.

  2. Of course no one is too old for a flower headband!! I'm in high school and I still use them all the time!
    I think doing something fancier on picture day is nice, but don't overdo it or experiment. Stick with something you trust but is fancier (basically what you did.) :)

  3. Do you put anything in Beans hair to help with the curl? My daughter has super fine hair and on the few occasions we have tried curling her hair, the first ones are flat by the time I get to the last ones. She would love to have curls once in a while, but is so disappointed that we can't get them to stay in at all. She's only 5 so I don't want to go crazy with product either.
    And, yes I agree about picture day...we planned to use knots too (she loves them!) but at the last minute she decided to wear her hair down and go with a headband. Nothing more than that. :)

  4. Wow, and the lil dolls have carried each hairdo with alacrity. Pleasure to watch this.
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