Twist Back Waterfall FAKE Braid

This is a great one for those who can not braid, and great for ANYONE who just wants a very cute hairstyle. This one is a total favorite! For this one you are just taking small sections and twisting them towards the center. You secure with an elastic and repeat.

Of course I made this easy for you and made a video to help you out. I am really hoping to get a new camera soon, but I need to research which one I want to get. And I need to get a few more medical bills under control, but I know I need a better camera. But for now my old one is still working. It gets the job done.
Well I hope you are all enjoying Fall. I think Fall is my favorite time of year. We are working on costumes and decorations and pulling out our favorite soup recipes. I ADORE everything Fall!


  1. it kinda looks like a cage braid too! i'll try this on my daughter on Monday.
    LOL!! me i only use my camera phone for all the pics i post on my blog, fb page (Pretty Hairstyles For Girls) i don't own a camera (poor me!).

  2. What a beautiful and cute styles.Love your effort so much.You might also love the medium long hairstyles for further in this regards.

  3. Really a beautiful and nice style for medium hairs and I think it suits me too. Keep sharing


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