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Its a Holiday week for us. It's Fall recess. I love Fall. I love the chill in the air and the changing colors. Spring and Fall are my two favorite Seasons. So that means since we are on a break we only have three school days of hair to add to the mix this week.

Day 30- This one I don't have a tutorial for. I've done it before and linked to the original person that sis this style in this post, but I've never done my own tutorial. I will get on that. Plus I didn't do it this time with three braids going back and forth. I did it with just two braids.

Day 31- This is going to be a bad week for us for linking to actual tutorials. On day 31 we did regular braids. Two on each side and puffed them out and flattened them. I think some people call these pancake braids. We took advantage and let her sleep in her braid from the day before and used the waves in this hairstyle.

Day 32- I was experimenting with an angles fish bone braid. I totally didn't love this hairstyle and by the end of the day it had fallen out so much, so this was kind of a failure. That or it was a first step into something great I will create at some point. Everything is a learning experience. My tutorial and video for a Fish bone Braid can be found here.

Not the best week for old hairstyles I've used before. I must have been in an experimental mood. Hope you like looking at them anyways. Have a great Fall Break if your kids are out of school too this week.


  1. WOW! That must a busy 3 days for you and you really did a good job. Thumbs up.

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  2. good job.. cute hairstyles.. can u provide a wedding hairstyle because i have a wedding coming up soon and i'm very much confused as what hairstyle i should try on.


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