Happy Halloween

I just have to share these fun Halloween costumes we made with everyone. Anyone who has followed our blog for a few years knows that everything in life is put on hold for a month while I have fun with my other hobby of making costumes. I ask the kids all year long at the start of September what they want to be, and then I go after it giving it my very best effort to make it happen. My oldest usually gives me the most challenge.

This year my oldest is obsessed with Minecraft. Its a video game. He wanted to be Herobrine from Minecraft this year. He's just a square pixilated character, that is the main bad guy from the game. He has glowing eyes. I don't know what else to say about this one. We made it happen, end of story.

Beans wanted to be a witch this year. I was so excited when she wanted to be a witch and not something cute and girlish! I was looking forward to making her into a frightening witch, but as the costume came together and she told me all the details she wanted she ended up being a VERY cute witch.

My second to youngest little man J had a hard time making up his mind what he wanted to be this year. He had very creative ideas that would change just as quick as he had them. I finally narrowed it down to two old costumes from when my oldest was younger and one new choice for me to make for him. He chose one my oldest wore a few years back. Isn't he frightening! I think he went with this one for the reaping staff. It is pretty dang cool.

Last we had our work cut out for us making baby C's costume. Remember he has the helmet right now for his plagiocephaly and he is still in his hip harness for hip dysplasia. So I had to take that into consideration when making his costume. Luckily we got out of the hip harness just in time and he doesn't need to wear it 24/7 anymore. He's got it just for nights. So the costume is big now, but perfect for wearing lots of warm clothing. And lets just say it--- KERMIT IS THE BEST!!! I love Kermit the frog.

So this is what I've been working hard on the last few weeks. Its been so much fun. I love Halloween. I hope like crazy that you will share your great costumes with us on FB as Halloween comes and goes. I love this holiday. Hope you all have a very safe night out Trick-or-Treating. 


  1. Nice work!!! Very creative on all four! I especially love your creativity for the baby. :) Happy Halloween!

  2. My son wanted a Minecraft costume also. Would have been easy enough if we hadnt just used up all the cardboard stuff we had in the house to make a hotwheels village. :/

  3. Yay for homemade costumes! I'm so glad that I'm not the only person that still makes their kids' own costumes for Halloween. It's really getting to be a lost art! Great job!

    1. THUMBS UP TO YOU TOO!!! I love making my kids costumes.

  4. how did you make his eyes "glowing" ? love it!!!!


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