Days 33-37

This has been an interesting week. And interesting usually means that I don't have a lot of tutorials to link you to. I've been playing again. Sadly--- I haven't been playing with the camera rolling. So I have some cute hair styles to share, but I can't link to very many tutorials. I had no idea how much I experimented and how very many tutorials I never post. Well I have a nice long list going to get tutorials made for.

For those who have followed us for more than a year you know HALLOWEEN is my FaVOrIte holiday! I get crazy about giving my kids fee rain on there costume. I ask them what they want to be and we do (literally/almost) anything to make it happen. Beans usually chooses something cute and fun. My second to youngest has been to eager the past two years for a new costume and chooses from the old costumes. I am lucky enough to choose for my baby, but my oldest like to challenge me. And I L♥VE the challenge. So October Girly Do's gets put a little on the back burner for me to challenge myself in another fun way. I am so excited to show you what I have been working on. This has been a fun year!

So on to the hairstyles for this week.

Day 33- we had watched The Wizard of Oz the weekend before. (My kids had never seen it.) and I had to replicate Dorthy's hair. I have no tutorial to link you to, but this is such a cute hair do I will just have to do a tutorial for you all.

Day 34- I did three of my messy buns one on top of the other. This was kind of a pretty faux-hawk. My messy bun video can be found at this link, but I will do a video for this one. Its on the list!

Day 35- Beans took a bath before school and I didn't want to send her with wet hair, so we blew it dry and it was so soft I couldn't do anything to it. It was just too pretty! I wish I remembered who sent us that headband. It was to long ago. Funny, I remember the woman's name was Jessica, but I can't remember the company, so I can't link you. Sorry. If you know who it is from link it in the comments so I can tell you where to find it. Would you like a tutorial on blow drying hair?

Day 36- This is just a side braid. I only did it on the one side and the ponytail is directly in the back. My french braid tutorial can be found here.

Day 37- I almost hate to share this one in a weekly round-up rather than keeping it a surprise, but what the heck. I am so excited about this braid that we learned. I saw this braid and looked at it for a loOoong time. I eventually figured it out. I love that I can do that! So I have been practicing it when I haven't been working on Halloween. We perfected it finally and are ready to share. I will probably move that tutorial to the top of the list! You'll be seeing that video very soon.

Well that is it. Please keep us in mind over this next week when you take Halloween pictures. We'd love if you would share them with us on our facebook page. Halloween is the BEST!!!


  1. I love Day 36! All cute, of course, but that's my favorite of this bunch.

  2. Your daughter is the picture of innocence! Beautiful styles! Keep it up =)


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