Days 25-29

You get a bonus picture this week. I had to take a picture Sunday night of Beans hair in Bantu Knots. After her bath she asked if we could do Bantu Knots since it had been such a long time since she wore them, so Sunday night we did Bantu Knots in her hair  to get the curl we wanted for her Monday hairstyle. The tutorial for Bantu Knots can be found at this link.

Day 25- We just took the knots out to reveal a BEAUTIFUL curl! We did three single knots on top just to make it into a style other than just a big head of curls. The tutorial for the Single Twists is at this link.

Day 26- Sorry no tutorial for this one. Its one I am working on, but let me just say that I may have done her hair a little too fancy for school. She looked like she was sporting a prom style- LOL. But I still had those Bantu Knots to deal with and this was what we came up with. Plus we had a demonstration on a style like this at work the night before that I had to try... so when the opportunity presented itself I gave it a go.

Day 27- This is another one I pull out a lot. Its a waterfall braid on one side pulled back into pigtails. Simple and you know it gets used a lot since it is so easy. Tutorial can be found here.

Day 28- This is similar to other styles I have done with what I have called Bun Toppers. I tried to make it look more like a flower though. I think we did it pretty well. Tutorial for those Bun Toppers can be found at this link.

Day 29- This is a standard braid that I started in the nape area and went towards the crown. Its not a hard one, but I don't have a tutorial either. I am thinking of doing one though just so other little girls can see Beans do it and know its okay to hang out upside down for a few minutes while you braid. It might help in that regard. Let me know if you want a video. We laugh the whole time just to warn you because its pretty funny to see Beans laying face down while I braid her hair. She and I get a kick out of it.

Well that's it for this week. Please let me know in the comment field any thoughts you have and if you want a video for day 29. And I will be doing something with day 26 in a while. Thanks so much for reading and sharing our stuff with your friends.


  1. I was wondering what you did to get those lovely curls for day I know. Thanks! We will have to try it.

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