Cutting Bangs Tutorial

The other day I was trimming Beans hair and she asked if she could have bangs. I try to let her make her own hair decisions, so I said sure! I'm a little worried about daily styling, but she wants to learn to use the flat iron. (That scares me too.) So I have given her my mini flat iron and she is practicing on one of my old heads.This will totally be a good thing. She is just growing up.

Before you ask... the headband is from All Things Ribbon. Its so cute and Beans wants to wear it as much as she can before Halloween in a few days. But I made you a video of when I cut her bangs. ***NOTE OF CAUTION*** Cutting hair is a skill not to take lightly. Please be careful if you attempt to cut your own bangs or your daughters bangs (or any ones). If you cut them too short you may very much regret having cut your own bangs. I highly suggest going to a professional for all your hair needs, but if you insist cutting your own hair/bangs study this video. I think I have a few good tips and a good tutorial for you.
Thanks for watching. Just curious, do you trim your own (or your child's) bangs? Is this pretty common?


  1. I cut my own hair as well as my kids (two boys and one girl). I've never had any training but I know what I like and it seems to have worked out so far! :)

  2. Oh wow Dear, you look so beautiful with any of your hairstyles, stunning and you are so cute.

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  3. I do my girls and it's been fine. I did my own over the summer and it was a nightmare, I was so devastated. never again!!!

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