A few weeks ago we did this hairstyle as one of our weekly hairstyles for Beans. I've had so many people ask for a tutorial on this one. So I happily have made you a video tutorial to help you with this one. You will be using the waterfall braid on this one, so refresh on that one and give this one a try.

Beans has really been loving having a side ponytail. If you've followed my blog for a while you know that I am not a big fan of side ponytails. Low ones I can (kind of) handle, but I can not handle high ones. I am just not a fan. So when we have to do one out of a "Beans Request," I like to add something nice like a beautiful braid like this. It makes me feel better about the whole side ponytail thing.

So I just have to ask... What is your opinion about a side ponytail?
Do you like it?
Use it? 


  1. Side ponies must be a favorite for little girls, my dd rocks one a few times a week. I've been known to rock one with my Katniss braids but prefer to make a messy side bun these days.

  2. I love low side braids, buns, etc., and low side ponies are OK, but I'm with you on the high side ponytail. It feels too much like I'm back in the 80's. :)

  3. Beans is just so cute in this video!! loved those dimples too! i like this double waterfall braid, and yes me & my daughter often sport a side ponytail :)
    BTW Jen, loved your nail color!!!! what color is that and what brand di you used?? THANKS!!

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  5. I wore low side ponies when my hair was long last year, usually twisted on the sides and around back. I also wore high ponies back in the 80's. My dd who is 5 has fallen in love with high side ponies this past summer. She likes them because she can see her bow, and her hair unlike when it's in a back pony. My girl and her bows....

  6. I wore twisted sides over to a low side pony when my hair was long last year. My DD likes to rock the high side pony like I did in the 80's! She likes them becaus eshe can see her hair and her bow when she looks in the mirrow.. unlike when her hair is in a back pony. My girl and her bows!


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