School Week 2

This week I got a new tutorial shot and its up on Youtube, but I haven't posted it yet. We've had lots of changes in the family this week. My four year old had a birthday (and is now 5), we had three big doctors appointments for Baby C and my husbands working a killer over-time job that is 60+ hours a week. I'm still working or trying to work at the salon too, so its been a hard one to balance. I'm getting it all worked out though.

This week I had less time on some days to do fun stuff with Beans hair. Everyone has those weeks/days. So this was what we did this week.

Day 5-- Beans told me she's been playing on the bars more at school and that her hair is in her way sometimes. She had big plans to play on the bars every recess on Monday so a ponytail was exactly what she wanted. We went with the ribbon braid up front for added detail and cuteness. You can get the best tutorial from this Youtube Video.

Day 6-- Another day she wanted her hair out of her way, but I was in more of a hurry out the door on Tuesday to get to the salon I work at on time, so we went with just simple pigtails with a zig-zag parting.

Day 7-- I sent my daughter to school with wet hair on Wednesday. I HATE doing that! But that was a really rough morning. She went with a headband in her hair. It was this one we had made a few years back. But I didn't take the picture until after school and while she was at school she fell off the bars and it gave her a headache. You know how a headache feels with a headband on--- NO FUN!!!

Day 8-- Beans was swearing off the bars for a few days, so she was okay with wearing her hair down after her fall on Wednesday. So we went with simple twists in her hair with those mini clips. That tutorial can be found here.

Day 9-- We saw this one on Pintrest a while ago and it was one Beans said she wanted to do it is a fish-bone braid pull back. We don't have a tutorial for the simple fish-bone braid, but here is our video on fish-bone braiding. If you need an actual tutorial on our day 9 hair do please just let me know in the comments field.

So next week you have that new video tutorial to look forward too and we are going to try and have another one done to make up for not having a new one this week. Maybe if it all works out you will get two new ones next week and the Friday round up with her hair through the week. Next week might be a good week for everyone.


  1. Hi Jenn,

    I've been checking your site regularly now and I've ogled most of your 'do's and have tried a few of them too. Recently I've been practicing doing the little hair flowers on my daughter. It's taken me a while but now I feel like I can make them and they actually look like flowers. This week I put 3 on top of her head in a row, almost from ear to ear and I coloured them with chalk! Her hair is blonde so it stood out more than if her hair was brown but I coloured one pink, one orange and one purple. She got sooo many compliments and it really was pretty! Anyways, thanks for the inspiration and the hard work you do every week putting new pictures up for us.

    1. Oh my gosh. I so want to see that. Thats a great idea for adding color. Did you take a picture? Will you share it on FB or email me it if you did. THANK YOU for letting em know that it worked so well. I love that!


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