School Hair Week 4

So this week started off with a BUMP... On Monday Beans stayed home with the flu. The flu is really going around right now!!! Luckily she was the only one in the family that got sick. Everyone else managed to stay healthy. So Day 15 we don't have a picture. We did a french braid to keep her hair out of her way, but we didn't take a picture.

Day 16- We were experimenting again for day 16. Hopefully I can start shooting video's again soon. My list is getting a little long of new tutorials I need to do.

Day 17- We did simple chains in her hair that went into pigtails. I loved this hair style. Its one that is easy and fast and not just pigtails. Not that there is anything wrong with pigtails. A tutorial for this can be found here at this link.

Day 18- Beans has had a real thing with side ponytails lately. Anyone that knows me knows I have a hard time with side ponytails. If its low I am okay with it, but a high side ponytail is not my favorite. I actually have to grit my teeth when she asks for a high side ponytail. I let her have it, but its so hard on me! I figured I'd like it more if I did it with a french braid leading into it... I still didn't love it.

Day 19- Beans wanted a simple ponytail today, but she wanted to use one of the Knot Head accessories. These give the ponytail an extra lift that we totally love. So we went simple today.


  1. She is looking so cute and beautiful with her awesome hairstyles.I have searched some other posts of this blog and found so latest information from here.

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  2. i remember when i was in school my ma applied coconut oil to my hair... and i hated it...wish there were other options in the Moroccan oil...

  3. When you use the knothead accessory which I'd never heard of but am now looking into do you use a regular ponytail under it? I just can't see how it would stay in all day on a kindergartners hair lol

  4. When you use the knothead accessory which I'd never heard of but am now looking into do you have to use a ponytail under it? I'm a little leary of it keeping a hairdo all day for a kindergartner...


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