School Hair Week 3

We are loving school this year! All my kids have great friends and teachers! Its been a good year for us. And its been a great week for our family. Its been six months since we brought our baby (Baby C) home from the hospital, so the adoption was finalized this week. Monday to be exact.

Day 10- This was our court day. So we went really simple and I just curled her hair under, but left it down. This was mostly due to the fact that I couldn't sleep and had been up since 1 o'clock in the morning fretting over the schedule working out. I had doctors appointments right before the court hearing, so I was nervous about it all working out. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A DOWN HAIR DAY. (Period)

Day 11- We were experimenting with something we had seen on Pinterest before. We'll shoot a video for this one. It was just so pretty!

Day 12- We did our hair net today. I actually haven't done this one in a while.Its a must use every once in a while. Check out the tutorial at this link.

Day 13- Beans had done a braid in her friends hair for soccer the say before so she requested a braid in her hair on day 13. She can't wait until her hair is way long again so she can just do a braid in her own hair. So day 13 was just a regular french braid, and her hair is finally long enough again to do just one instead of having to do two. YEAH!!! Tutorial is at this link.

Day 14- We fell back on one we often use around here. I'm thinking this one might be the one you'll see on my little Beans most often. Tutorial link can be found here.


  1. I'm really enjoying the photos of Beans daily styles. She is quite the little model and my 5 year old daughter loves to see what new style Beans is sporting. We borrowed the knots idea on Friday and I couldn't believe how many compliments she got! She loved it so much and it stayed so well that we left it in and she wore it for her soccer game the next morning. Her bangs are growing out and are currently at her chin, and with very fine hair it can be a challenge to find ways to keep her hair out of her eyes that doesn't just involve a headband (the bangs eventually fall out anyway because her hair is so fine.).
    Thanks again for sharing all of your wonderful ideas, and congrats on finalizing the adoption!

  2. I can't wait to see a tutorial on day 11. That is very pretty.

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