Honey Hair Conditioning Treatment

Some of you might have seen my funny picture I posted on Facebook about putting honey in my hair... on purpose. Well I did!!! I totally did. This morning I woke up at four o'clock with the baby and couldn't go back to sleep. So I did what anyone with lack of sleep does. I browsed on Pintrest for cool ideas, both hair related and not.

Someone had posted a link to a site that gave several uses for raw honey in personal care. So before I get into that let me tell you about my husbands bizarre hobby. He is a backyard bee keeper. Its bizarre because I am SERIOUSLY ALLERGIC to honey bees. The sad part is that I don't want him to stop. Its a very addicting (and rewarding) hobby.
Its been a blast for the kids to watch! They love it. And they are all Honey Junkies. But I kid you not, my kids are so healthy! No one in my family suffers from seasonal allergies. If you haven't heard, LOCAL RAW HONEY consumed often (daily) can totally help with allergies. IT WORKS!!!! And there are so many more benefits to honey. Energy. You'll sleep better if you eat a spoonful before bed. Improved digestive track... etc etc. Raw honey rocks!!!
So... needless to say we have TONS of honey. So when I came across this post on One Good Thing about making your own deep conditioner using honey I said what the heck, lets give it a go. I was nervous about it being sticky and possibly never being able to get it out of my hair. It seems WRONG to be putting honey in your hair! But honestly my hair has been dry and hasn't had a beautiful shine in a while. So what did I have to loose.

Once done with the process I decided to NOT put in any leave in conditioner or any product so I could see the results totally untainted. My hair was BEAUTIFUL, SOFT and DELICIOUS SMELLING!!! I will totally without a doubt be doing this again. Obviously not daily, but once or twice a month seems ideal to me.

How I did my Honey Hair Conditioning Treatment

The recipe called for 1/2 cup of honey mixed in with 1/4 cup of olive oil.
(suggesting to use less oil if you hair is normal or oily)
My hair is actually really dry right now!!! So I could have used the recipe as written, but I wanted to use less of the olive oil. It just felt like too much in my opinion. 
I also felt like the recipe would make up too much of a batch, so I did:


Mix the two together. This part is cool when they mix it is kind of a foamy type mixture. 

You aren't going to be able to just throw this sticky mixture on your head. So part out small sections starting from the nape (back neck) area. And apply it to small sections as you go. 

I didn't have a shampoo cap, but I had plastic wrap. So I wrapped it up with the plastic wrap. I wanted to add a little heat too, so I then wrapped it in a towel as well to warm my head for the 30 minutes I left it on. 

After the 30 minutes I washed my hair out twice with Its a Ten shampoo. Twice because I pretty much always shampoo twice, but come on, I had honey on my hair. I wanted to make sure I got it out. I did not condition at this point. And I was nervous about that, but surprisingly it brushed out VERY SMOOTH!!! 

I did not blow dry it and I did not add product just so I could really analyze this. I hate that I don't have volume, but I love the shine and she softness. MY HUSBAND ASKED IF I HAD COLORED MY HAIR because it looked so shiny and healthy. That was when I totally knew IT WORKED! I did flat iron my hair and it smelled so good as I did. It smelled like cotton candy. I was a little worried about that too, but it was fine, just delectable aroma. I call that a bonus!

 (All bee related pictures are from our hive when we first got it two years ago. I shared them just because I thought you might like to see our little family hobby. The round picture was from when we were first setting up the hive. The top photo was my husband showing the kids bee larva growing in the honey combs. Fun stuff.)


  1. Wait - You still have bees? What the ....
    Awesome that it made your hair so soft and fabulous! I still have some of a jar you gave us ... might have to give this a try! :)

  2. We may have to start trading Honey for Grape juice. We bottle concord grape juice every fall and it's too much for us to drink!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I think I will have to find some honey to try this, as my hair is so not shiny. And thanks for sharing the healthy bonus of using raw honey. Did not know that.

  4. I do honey treatments but I haven't tried this one, thanks for the recipe! I have a hair mask i recently bought from beyas.ca, Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask, it has worked really well but it's pricey so I'm getting into homemade recipes to make it last.

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