Beans Special Occasion Hairstyle

We are often asked for both every day hairstyles and for our "special occasion" hairstyles. So I thought I'd share this hairstyle with you today. This last weekend Beans had a very special occasion for her in her life. She turned eight and was baptized last weekend. Baptism in our religion is a very special occasion where you get to wear all white and be "dunked" under water. Symbolic. You really are dunked under the water. So she needed a hairstyle that could hold up to that and still be beautiful.

I remember way back when Beans was only (about) three when we originally discovered how to do this hairstyle and I thought how much I would like to use this one on her baptism day. So I was thrilled her hair was long enough and that we were able to use this one. It is after all one of my very favorite. (original post here video post here.)

I was a little surprised (and should not have been) by the reaction her hair got that day. When she was called up front people started talking about her hair in whispers and the group of ladies in front of me turned around and couldn't stop talking about how amazing her hair was. We were stopped so someone could take pictures of her hair after the baptism. Its always been a great hairstyle that has received a lot of attention, but even more on that day.

I think the well done bun on bottom brought it together nicely and the flower accessory also glam'd up this style a lot. None of her hair escaped when she was dunked under the water. It dried easily and looked very nice afterwards. So this was a great choice for a hairstyle on her baptism. Very VERY proud of my darling daughter!


  1. I used this type of hairstyle 2 years ago on another girl getting baptized, but since I didn't know your handy trick for the ribbon, I had braided it into her hair and then put the ends together into one ponytail and then rolled the bottoms up and held in place with a flower. Then when she was ready to go into the water, we let the ends down and then afterwards pinned them back up.

  2. Beautiful hairstyle! And congratulations on the of the happiest days in a parents life :)

  3. I was brought to tears by your story about Beans. I have subscribed to your blog many months ago and never knew you were a Christian. However, I did think it remarkable that you provided this service of posting girls hairstyles at no charge. My daughter is 7 and I have tried many of the styles you have posted with success because of your great tutorials. I am also proud of Beans and her very Big decision. I feel like I have watched her grow up over these past months. Thanks so much for letting us get a glimpse into your lives and sharing very personal stories through this blog.

    In Christ,
    Candace Stuckey

  4. I've always wondered how old Beans was. Turns out she's exactly the same age as my daughter. My daughter was baptized the week after yours. How fun! Congratulations to Beans! What an exciting day! I hope it was as special for you as it was for us.


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