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We are often asked which of our hairstyles we use most. I decided the best way to tell you that would be to show you. So for a few weeks I will be attempting to take a picture a day of how we've done Beans hair for school. My plan is to post them on Friday where I have been usually doing flash-back Fridays. Sometimes if I am experimenting with something new you might not get a link, but a "watch for" or "coming soon" note.

But for school we do keep it simple for the most part. Especially with little baby C and all of his health issues we've been dealing with. This week we only had a four day school week. So these are the four styles we did for this week.

Day 1--- First day of school is always nerve racking. So we went with possibly our most reliable hairstyle for quickness and ease. I couldn't believe I don't have a tutorial for this one. I have used it in other styles, but I haven't actually done just this simple tutorial. You can find where I used it on the nape area with this style at this link, but I may have to throw this one on the list to make a better tutorial.

Day 2--- I didn't shoot a picture for day two, I thought I had, but I didn't. We just went with side head of knots on day two for school. Tutorial can be found here.

Day 3--- We went with the waterfall braid just on the one side for day three. I was going to have two meeting in the back, but baby wasn't up for waiting, so once he was done with his toys we were done with hair and we only went half way with the braid. I still love it like that. Its cute no matter what and little girls are CRAZY about the waterfall braid right now. Picture tutorial is here. Video is here.

Day 4--- Beans had to shower right before bed the night before day four and had very kinky hair in the morning. I could have straightened it or curled it, but I didn't get much sleep the night before. So when you have no energy for putting in extra work you make life easy on yourself and pull it all back into a style and don't bother with the kinkiness. We just did two standard braids for day four. Video tutorial is here.

It was a great first week back to school. My kids all have GREAT teachers! I am very excited for the 2012-13 school year. I hope you all have had a great first week (or second) back to school. Watch for next weeks hairstyles on Friday. Thanks so much for commenting and following and sharing with your friends. You all are the greatest!!!


  1. Love day 2. What a great idea. My little one will certainly be sporting that style at some point this weekend. Thanks!

  2. I love all these styles. I love doing the waterfall braid with my daughter but it doesn't stay very well in her hair. We usually pull it back into a ponytail after we put the braid on top. Is there a better way to make the waterfall stay in?

  3. Didn't see the "leave your email address" part before. catwoman522 @ gmail . com

  4. I love this idea, I never know how to do my daughters hair for school (that will last through the school day). I tend to try to stay with braids or something that requires her hair up (i heard that helps minimize the risk of bugs and that really freaks me out when the kids are in school). So the 4 look is great for us. And the second is good for my youngest who just started PreK this year and doesn't have long enough hair for braids.

  5. Thank You for a great site. My 4yr old NEVER lets me do her hair anymore. She has long,wavy, beautiful hair and she doesn't want me to touch it. This morning I got her to try the nr.2 and it looks GREAT. Ive found several hairstyles on here that Im looking forward to trying out and my daughter is excited about picking out her own hairstyles :)

  6. Awesome site and beautiful girls. We have 5 children and I really appreciate you explaining how to do the braids the right way. My sister is a beautician, but never takes the time to explain anything and I never understood why my braids stuck out :) My daughters are lovin ya! Now, I can fix their hair in more ways. Hopefully soon they can learn and fix mine too. My hair is down to my tailbone. We will be visiting often. Blessings!

    Victoria @


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