Woven Headband

I love simple styles that look like you put a lot of work into them... but really you didn't. I think this is one of those styles. We did this first a few weeks ago for church and people loved it! We got a lot of compliments. Then we did it for family pictures because we loved it so much. Now we have made this fun video to show you how we made this style.
We are trying to get subscribers, so please subscribe and please share our YouTube page with your friends. I hate that you can't choose a good thumb to represent your video's unless you can have enough followers and partner. I seriously want to have good video thumbs representing my videos, so please help me get the followers I need to be able to do that. We appreciate it!!! And don't laugh at me that that is why I want it so bad---LOL. Its the OCD in my personality shining through.

Hope you liked this tutorial please share it with your friends. Hopefully there is a new video camera in the near future. HOPEFULLY!!!


  1. I really like your hairstyles and this is really cute too. I can't french braid so anything without a braid I'm always interested in. My daughter is starting Kindergarten next week and so I am always looking for "stay put" hairstyles that will last all day. aamonty98 at gmail dot com

  2. Don't worry Jenn!! i'll help you get thumbs up for your YouTube videos :)

  3. Hi Jenn,
    I was wondering if you sould possibly do a video on your ribbon braid that goe across the front of the head like in hyour 4th of July video. I just cant seem to recreate it from the ribbon braid video in the back of the hair. Ughh. Is anyone else having this problem??
    Thnks so much,

    1. I actually did a video with adding ribbon with Bead Hair Extension. Anyways I went a little farther with the braid on the video---- See if this helps.

    2. Jenn,
      Yes Yes yes! That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! I will be attempting it tomorrow on my daughter. Yayee! I love you!!!

  4. WOW, maybe I should read before I send next time....sorry for the tons of typo's. I really am literate:)

  5. Hello, Thanks so much for your wonderful hairstyles. We are having so much fun trying them. I wondered where you got your comb for the weaved headband. I looked on amazon and didn't see anything quite like yours. Thanks.

  6. Is it just me, or does Beans look so much older in this video? I love how she smiles periodically, like she remembers she's supposed to, or that she's smiling at Dad or something. Love her white dress! Was it her baptism dress? Gorgeous do, like always.


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