Our Big Messy Bun

For anyone who's been with us for a few years you already know about my BIG MESSY BUN. I always get comments of how people would like a video tutorial for the big Messy bun, so we finally got one put together. Beans hair is still not long enough to do just one, so we did them as messy piggy buns. Hopefully you like our video.
This is the best style to keep in your back pocket and use it when you are needing to get out of the house quick. This one is great to use in crunch time.
Happy Hairstyling! I have a handful of NEW tutorials I am working on, but what past hairstyles would you like me to update with a video? Please leave comments below.


  1. Those look great! Thanks for the video. I'm off to try it out on my eldest girl.

  2. So sweet. And she looks just like you. I found one of your styles as part of a roundup and pinned. Picture day is tomorrow so I've been looking all through these tonight. My first grader loves star wars. I wonder if she'd want to be a messy Princess Leia. :)

  3. Love this! Definately doing this on my hair today!


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