Featured Post {Puffy Headband Braid}

Beans and I are so excited to have this hair style (above) being featured over at HowDoesShe.com. We've been long time followers of How Does She and hope that the readers from Girly Do Hairstyles will enjoy there blog. Pop over there and check out this PUFFY HEADBAND BRAID tutorial then look around for great ideas for teacher gifts, crafts and check out the freebie page. I totally get a lot of ideas from there website. So make sure and look around after you check out this tutorial, which can be found here.

THEN, for those for you who clicked over from How Does She, WELCOME!!!! I'm so excited you stopped by. We have so many fun hairstyles for you to explore. Some of you might be totally new to the world of hair design. We try to keep it simple around here by sharing the step-by-step tutorial for you. Some will be harder than others and require practice, but others will come to you easily. A lot of hair sites just show you the finished hair product. I saw a problem with that, so over four years ago I started a step-by-step system to try and help. We now do photo's and videos and try our best to teach you some hairstyles that are more than just your standard ponytail.

Get updates by following us on Facebook, Twitter (totally new this week), Pintrest, and/or subscribe to our Youtube channel. Thank you so much for stopping by. Thank you How Does She for asking us to guest post.

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  1. That looks so good! I've tried so many times and failed! I will keep trying!


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