A Fabric Flower Tutorial {Featured Artist}

I asked my dear friend Jen from All Things Ribbon if she would like to be a featured Artist here at GirlyDoHairstyles.com and share with my readers her talent. I've purchased bows and flowers, I've made bows and flowers, I've even sat down at the table with one of the largest bow manufacturers in the US and NOT A SINGLE ONE is as high of quality as the bows I've got from All Things Ribbon. So when it came to choosing someone I knew could teach you how to make a great accessory I turned to the best. 

A Fabric Flower Tutorial

I was thrilled when Jenn from Girly-do's hairstyles asked me to do a tutorial for her fun blog!  This is one of my all time favorite fabric flowers and they are so fun and easy to make!  These would be a great summer/getting ready to head back to school project for you and the girlies in your life!

Before we get going I would love to invite you to stop by and "like" me on my facebook page, let me know how your flowers turned out!  I would love to see final pictures of them in a darling hair-do too! You are in the right place for darling hair-do tutorials I must say!

Let's get started, here is what you will need.

Fabric- 4-5 inches of a 45" inch wide (each square will make up one petal, and you will need 8 petals per flower)
glue gun
hot glue sticks
A button to cover or something for the center of your flower
a small piece of felt 
an alligator clip and some ribbon to cover it
sheet of paper
a round object to trace (I used a hairspray lid)

Trace your circle

Fold the paper exactly in half

and in half again (3)

and once again (4)

Take your scissors and cut a moon shape above the outline of your circle  (5)

Unfold the paper to reveal your pattern!  How easy was that??
It might seem a bit silly but trust me on this...the circle works.  I have had some fabric flowers not turn out well and I am sure it was because the pattern was lop-sided somehow...so use your circle!

I love my rotary tool and mat for cutting out straight edges, lay your pattern on the fabric and this will let
you know how big your strips will need to be.  Cut out the first strip (9)

I turn my mat around and follow the process for the first strips to get my squares.

For each flower you will need 8 squares

I cut out 2-4 flowers at the same time. Just follow the pattern around.  If you have a hard time keeping the pattern on the fabric you could pin it, or add an alligator clip on the fabric and pattern to keep it secure.

Here I have my flowers that are ready to be folded and glued.

Take the flower and fold in half

The next fold will be 2/3 of the way across 

Add a small amount of glue to the tip of the flower and press it until the glue sets.
You just need enough glue to keep the fold together, too much and it will mess up the end result you're going for.  

Follow this process until you have all 8 petals ready to assemble.

On a small 1 inch squared piece of felt make glue ribbons across the entire piece.

Working quickly, add the petals. 4 of them will make the bottom layer of your flower.

Press the center of the flower so the petals are secure and wait a moment until the glue sets.

In the center of the flower make a circle of hot glue.

You will need to rotate the flower (turn it clockwise) so the petals will overlap and there won't be any spaces left empty.

Continue adding petals until all 4 upper petals are glued to the flower.  Again you will want to press the center of the flower to assure the petals are secure.

I adore fabric covered buttons, I think they add the perfect touch!  I covered a 1/2 inch button with a coordinating fabric and secured it to the center of my flower.

Add a ribbon lined alligator clip to the felt on the back of the flower and you have a darling new accessory.  

If that was fun...but if you don't ever want to do it again..check out Fabric Flowers in my shoppe at 
All Things Ribbon.com and I can help you out!

Thanks Jenn!


  1. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! These are some of my 7 year old's favorite hair accessories and she thinks she needs them in every color! I only hope mine will turn out half as well as the ones we've bought from All Things Ribbon!!

  2. Darling! I will have to try this one. Thanks, Jen and Jenn!

  3. just the simple way to do it but the result was so nice :-)


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