10 Styles with Added Ribbon

 We tend to use ribbon in a lot of our favorite hair styles. And our Ribbon Braid is one of our most viewed video's on our YouTube channel. So we thought since everyone seems to love ribbon we'd do a round up and share 10 of our favorite styles using ribbon. Hope you enjoy these. As always please share with us on our Facebook page what you are doing or any tutorials you'd like to see from us. And watch back later for a fun new video from Beans and me.


  1. Oh, how I wish you lived closer so I could try to beg or bribe you into doing my girls hair for pictures tomorrow. Same challenge every year. What do you do for school pics?

  2. Aww Camille! Your girls are going to look beautiful no matter how there hair is styled!

  3. You're so sweet. I ended up doing the cheater waterfall "braid" that you posted a while ago. I love that I can waterfall, even though I can't braid! They love it, too, so it's a win-win do. :) Do you let Beans choose, or does Mom get to pick for pictures at your house?

  4. Braids are very popular in new fashion of hair style specially for young girls and ribbons with the braids are superb. It looks good and cute to. The 10 types of hair styles with ribbon and braids are very beautiful.


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