Waterfall Fishbone Braid

Happy Fourth of July-- WEEK. If your like me at all this celebration feels like a week long event. Its BBQ after BBQ celebrating with friends and family. I LOVE IT.This isn't a "festive" hair do, but its been on my "to shoot list" and that list is always growing.
About a month ago I thought about doing the waterfall braid with other braids... this was one attempt that I've figured out so far. I personally like it a little more than the original waterfall braid because you can see the braid so much better.

Watch the video and you decide.Which waterfall braid is your favorite? The original, or the new fish-bone waterfall braid? Your thoughts?
And please be safe this week while you are out celebrating.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE this look Jenn! I think I actually prefer it as well.
    I'll have to try this ASAP!


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