Test Braid #7--- Cage Braid

Its been a VERY LooOOooong time since we've done a test braid second day hair do. Beans hair hasn't been long enough to test braid in a while. So this is very exciting. This is the second day (slept in) braid from our Cage Braid hairstyle from the other day.
This is the pretty mess she woke up with. It looks nice and slept in. And we weren't able to braid far down the ends, so we have to do something to make the ends look good before we take out the elastics. Here's my prescription:
Start by taking your flat iron and curling the very ends under. That way when you take the hair out it will have a nice under-curve. That always helps. We've done this in the past to our second day braids, but it never hurts to restate a good tip!
Next one is to add a little quick "crimp" to some of those ends. You've probably seen it many times where you have curly middles and flat ends, well this will help eliminate that problem. (Great tutorial can be found for that at Babes site) Since we just need a little texture to those ends you can just do two or three little braids from both pigtails.
Make sure you curl the ends under still, even of those braids. It should look similar to the photo above. Your next step is to take down the hair and style it using the waves from the braids.
My thoughts on this one as a second day hair style is that its not consistent. Especially with that midsection that was left straight with the original braid. It leaves you with some that is curled and some that gets no curl. It still looks really cute though even though it is not consistent.
Its been a long time since we did a test braid post, so check out the past test braids at these links below.


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    1. I actually like the uneven, chunky look it gives. I do that a lot when I crimp or wave my hair, I just do random chunks instead of the whole thing, still gives it the look without ending up all overly frizze out and fluffy, a quick zig zag part down the middle helps to even out the chunks too. Now if only my hair was long enough to braid it like this.

  2. I have to agree. I'm really liking the random crimps. I think it looks great and rather "on purpose" not just left over from braids.

  3. PLEASE do the knotted braid!!! tutorial and test braid

  4. PLEASE do the knotted braid!!! tutorial and test braid

  5. PLEASE do the knotted braid tutorial and test brai


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