Our Sunday Style

What happened to our family on Saturday night that made Sunday morning so hard to get up for? I'm pretty sure these intense walks we've been doing in the evenings have made us a lot more tired. Totally worth it though. We get a little exercise and a lot of good family time.

Well for this weeks hair tutorial I am doing my best to do a tutorial on cage braids. You see these everywhere right now. People love cage braids. They are a regular braid the only difference is how much hair you add in to the braid. You basically just take from the very outer most boarder of the hair line and add little pieces of hair to the braid. If that doesn't make sense don't worry we are working on a video. This just gives it a different finished look to the braid.

I used them in Beans hair on Sunday as a quick hair do from being in rushed mode. I also did a cage braid on her hair on the fourth of July. It was hot and I just wanted the hair off her neck. This was a great way to achieve that.

What has been your favorite summer trend? In hair or fashion?

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  1. Oh I am so so so very glad I came across your blog through Pinterest..I had been searching for such a blog for so long but never found anything like this ...surely going to try out the hair styles on my 6 years old girl..cant wait !!!love it!! all of it!


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