Flash Back Friday {Flowers}

Its been a while since we've done a flash back Friday posting. Hope you don't mind that I am doing a Flashback this week. Luckily I already had the post done for Doll Hair because we've been getting used to a new brace for my baby to help his Hip Dysplasia. After three months with the Pavlik Harness on it wasn't enough. So we are on to the Rhino Abduction Brace. Its been a hard one to get used to. But he's adjusting to it nicely now and we are back on track!

I chose this tutorial because I love this flower. I've seen my flower popping up all over the Internet. So I am going to link you right to the video on YouTube. While you are checking that out please SUBSCRIBE to our page so you can be informed when we have a new video published. I'm really trying to get my subscriptions boosted, so please subscribe.

Thanks again and I'll be back next week with new videos, possibly a giveaway and other fun stuff. See you next week.


  1. What is the best way to get them out at the end of the day? Do you have to cutthe elastic or does it pull out easily?

    1. Hello there. When we have a lot of elastics to remove, we use a handheld seam ripper from the sewing aisle. It makes it easy to cut them out without worrying about cutting hair.


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