Back To School {Giveaway}

Its back to school time. I KNOW--- I should wash my mouth out with soap for speaking such language, but its true. Only a few more weeks. I went into Target the other day and they were putting out school supplies. I had to go home and look to see how many more weeks it really was and low-and-behold... Its like four weeks away for us. I've even seen some friends on Facebook posting back to school pictures already! So some schools are already starting.

Well its been a fun summer, but it had to end at some point. So Beans and I wanted to offer to help out a little with school supplies. Weather you need a little extra for clothes or supplies, this lets you spend the money where you need it. Nothing says going back to school like a little bit of back to school help giveaway. This giveaway is for a $25 gift card to our favorite store to buy back to school supplies, TARGET. Thanks for entering and BEST OF LUCK!!
(Rafflecopter is new to me, so let me know if you have any problems entering. I think you start out by putting in your email address so I can find you if you are the winner. Thanks and good luck again.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Loving all the great ideas you have....thanks for sharing them all. Melissa -

  2. Hmm... I logged in with my facebook, I didn't see the option for entering email, so I'll do it here, lol... :-) Thanks for all you hairdos and giveaways!

  3. I can't wait to try the ribbon headband idea. Thank you very much!

  4. Such an awesome thing for you to do! It would definitely help us out, and I know it will help out whoever gets it. Thank you for the giveaway, and good luck to everyone who enters.
    xoxo, Brianna

    Youtube name- Immabebeauty
    Facebook name- Brianna Mann
    Twitter- breebaybee07

  5. Hmm, also not seeing the raffle link here, so I will enter here in comments I guess. Thanks so much for all your fabulous ideas and tutorials. Can't wait to try some more this year on my 1st grader.

  6. entering not see raffle link.


  7. Can't get it to work either, so I am entering here. Love your hair ideas. So cute! JulieNielsen 55@


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