An EASY One for Long or Short Hair

This is a perfect one for long or short hair. And it can be done with one ribbon or you could use two or three and weave them intricately. We just kept it nice and simple for this tutorial.
However, I can't even begin to tell you how many people stopped us to get a closer look. And I have to be honest... this ones kind of a no-brainer. It didn't seem stop worthy to me, but we got stopped a lot. I think a big part of that is how much mom's love ribbons and headbands in the darling girls hair. And how often when its put in it doesn't stay in, or gets messy, or lost... you know the drill.
Start by making ponytails. You can have these as close as you want, the closer the more weaving you do and probably more interest to the style. However--- and this is the most important detail start at the top center and then do the EXACT same amount on each side. If you do five on the right make sure you do five on the left. This will make sure your ribbon weaving is balanced.

When you do your second row the only thing you need to consider is the width you need for your ribbon. Hold your ribbon up to it to guesstimate a measurement.
Next get a piece of ribbon that wraps around the perimeter of the head and has a little left over to spare for the knot. You will fold this ribbon in half and find the center of the ribbon.
Place the center of the ribbon over that first midsection between your two climber ponytails.
Feel free to secure that while you weave. That way it won't slip on ya.
Weave over the ponytail and then under the next. You know how weaving works. If you are using more than one ribbon you would do it the opposite each time so that if the first was over, under the second ribbon would be under and then over.
You will then tie the ribbon loosely underneath the hair completing the headband.
Viola! You have an easy cute hair do with a band that is totally not falling out midday. How fun is that? If I do this again I will use more than one ribbon and show a photo of that style, but this was Beans choice and we went with it. If you happen to try this style with more than one ribbon please share it on our facebook page wall. We love seeing what you are up to in the world of hair.


  1. truly cute & simple! i'm gonna do this! i think Beans and my daughter have the same length of short hair :)

  2. Thank you for a style with long hair. I just found your site this week and have been trying out some of the styles on my 3 rd old. My only hang up is my little one has curly waist length hair. Can't wait to try more!

  3. My niece has used this hair style before. It looks great with her curly hair. I have gotten her a few gifts from which sells hair hair bows for girls

  4. I tried this yesterday with both my girls and it turned out great. They got compliments all day long! Thank you.


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