Tween Side Ponytail

Beans has recently wanted more grown up hairstyles on occasion. Could it be that she is a tween? Maybe. I know when I sit behind her to do her hair I can tell she is getting a lot taller. Booo-WHO!!! From the time my kids start walking I am the mom that wants to push them down and make them stay small forever! I guess I have to accept that she's growing up.

This hair do is one I have seen a few of the girls at my school wear. Kind-of. I toned it down a lot!! I still have it being spunky and fun, but I tried to make it a little less punk-rocker. DID I SUCCEED? Or is it still pretty punk rocker? Beans loves it, so that's what I am going off of.
Step one: you are just doing corn-rows on the side of her head. I generally like to work in odd numbers, but I started from the top and needed to do four. I could have done one more on top, but that just didn't feel balanced for what I was going for. So we went with four.

Your next step is to gather it together in the ponytail in back. The girls at school do it in a row of ponytails making it a faux-hawk. That is just a little too wild for a little girl, so we cleaned it up into a pretty side ponytail. I remembered a pretty hair do from Pintrest and I used that style basically. I didn't look at the tutorial before hand I just went from the photo. I did mine very different, but with the same idea. You can see her tutorial here at The Small Things Blog. She pins and twist only twice before she does the ponytail. I pinned and twisted four times and secured my ponytail with an elastic because Beans hair is much shorter.
 You can tell this makes her feel a little spunky---LOL. Its funny what a hairstyle can do for a person. It is still a little spunky and fun because of the braids, but it has a lovely balance from the elegance of the side ponytail in back. Super beautiful!
Thanks for looking. Remember to share with us your own creations on our facebook page. We always love to see what you are doing. Thanks for looking.


  1. Haha, she's not a tween quite yet... you'll know because she will want you to do everything for her but not want you around... I went through that stage. Cute hairstyle!!

  2. totally cute! LOL! my daughter's almost a "tween" now. she just turned 10 today.


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