Hair Coloring {Beans Teaches}

Beans wanted to do another Beans teaches for you. This is how we add a little color to hair. K---- so let me tell you really quickly that we just did simple braids (standard) down the sides of her face. This is a very popular style right now. And here's a huge tip for you... If you have a little one that doesn't like to have her hair styled or sit still this is a great way to bribe them to let you do there hair. I don't know any girl that doesn't love to add some color flare to there hair.

The type of color we used is by Justice. It comes out and is applied just like mascara. There were lots of colors like pink, blue and purple. Some were color and some were glitter color. Beans loves playing with both.

PROS---- I liked this product. Once it dried it was dry and not going anywhere! The chalk that is popular right now bleeds. I didn't find that this bleed at all. They were on sale when I got them, so I was okay about the price. I got them for about three dollars each color.

CONS---- I got some on my hands and the color stayed there too, so make sure and be careful. This could potentially stain.

I'd highly suggest that you supervise while your little one is using this product, but its a simple design that is very easy for little ones to use. So have fun with it--- ITS SUMMER AFTER-ALL!!!


  1. love this look � You are beautifull :)

  2. i loved it! you are so cute and sweet Beans! good job as always!


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