Easy Summer Knots {Quick Style}

I don't know if you feel like summer is a relaxing time, or if you feel like you are rushed to hurry and... ENTERTAIN THE KIDS. I don't actually feel that way, but from reading posts of friends on my Facebook page I know a lot of moms are feeling the need to come up with great summer activities.

For us its a matter of what days we don't have doctors appointment for one of my two youngest. And for those days that we don't have an appointment we find entertainment in the simple things. I've been all about THE SIMPLE THINGS lately.

I also know that a lot of the readers that come to Girly Do's have asked for me to show more simple hair tutorials and ideas. You know the ones. The ones you can accomplish in just a few minutes last minute before you take off... This is one of those.
This one will work for long or short hair. Its very much like my Idea for Short Hair tutorial from a few months ago. The only real difference is that you are doing the rows to the back, not on one side. And ideally you would do the partings at angles and not directly to the back. Straight back is fine too, don't get me wrong, but it is more flattering of a style to use angular partings.
Once you have the ponytails in you will use your topsytail tool (or not) to make the knots. For a refresher on this check out this tutorial for making knots. Super easy--- quick and fun.
If you see those little purple sparkles... we may or may not have a beans teaches using mascara hair coloring. (wink wink) I hope your summer is going well and that you aren't having to play entertainer every day.


  1. Hi jenn and beans

    This one will work for long or short hair. ponytails in you will use your topsytail tool.Beans teaches using mascara hair coloring.Thaks Bean


  2. Found you on pinterest.
    My 5year old daughter will be starting school for the first time.
    I've never done anything to her hair except throw it in ponytails and adding Gymboree hair clips.
    I love all of the ideas on here.


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