Criss-Cross Braid Pigtails

This is a very easy style. I actually saw a cute little girl wearing this style the other day and wanted to share. I'm thinking anyone could come up with something this simple, but we are going to start trying to even have the simple styles here at Girly Do Hairstyles. Especially with it being summer. Simple is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
For those who need the step-by-step help I have a few pictures showing you exactly what I did for this hairstyle. Hopefully it helps.
Start by sectioning the hair into four equal sections on the top of her head. I used alligator double prong clips to hold each section after I parted them out. Clips make doing hair so much easier.
Next you will braid all four sections. We did just the standard braid because it is the fastest. The little girl I saw had the four braids done in fish-bone braids and it did look a little more elegant, but we are just going for cute today, so standard works.
Last step you will cross them over like above for a unique, simple finish. This is a good one for most any length of hair. It works for short hair or is great for long hair too. And since little miss cutie we saw this hairstyle on had ribbons in each of the pigtails we decided to put a little ribbon in beans hair too.
Braids and ribbon are whats in style right now for young and for old. So this is a great hairstyle for what is trendy right now. Use it on little girls, tweens, teens and even moms. Okay maybe not mom's...LOL. Hope you are having a great Summer break. Week one and we've already had new exciting experiences! I love summer.


  1. loved it! my daughter now has the same hair length as Beans..have to learn more hairstyle ideas for short hair :)

  2. These are adorable and so simple, I'm going to do the girls hair this way for pics tomorrow:-)

  3. Really cute hairstyle and easy to do.


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