Wide Fish Bone Braiding

QUESTION--- Who reading this right now remembers a few years ago when I fell down the stairs and broke my shoulder holding my now four year old? Who's been reading this since then? Well a new baby means a new break for mom! I was walking little man C to his crib for nap time and so I could get in the shower and I fell all the way down my hard wood stairs. End up of course with a broken tailbone! Stairs and babies and me are not a good combination. Little man C is fine by-the-way. I managed to hold on to him tight and just take the fall and injury on myself.
Have you seen those braids that sit at the top of a ponytail and look really wide and beautiful. Well this is just a tutorial to show you how that is accomplished. Really simple, but this one if for those who can't figure it out. Or for those who have never thought about it before.
Step one: Simply pull the middle section of the hair back from about the temples to where you want the finished ponytail to sit.
Step two: Braid over that pulled back section of hair. I'm doing the fish-bone braid. for a refresher on how I do my braid feel free to check out this tutorial.
Step three: Secure the braid to the other ponytail from step one and VOILA! You have a wide braid.
I like doing braids like this every once in a while. It just has a whole different look to it. And (BIG BONUS) if you wind that when you braid her hair it often falls out from that top section... this might correct that for you. Yeah!!!

This may be the only tutorial for this week. Sitting at the computer (or anywhere for that matter) is painful right now. So I will be back with much more next week. Have a very happy long weekend!!!


  1. Oh Jenn! I'm so sorry to hear about your tail... bone. Ouch! I think most moms know the feeling of going down with the baby in your arms but you seem to take it to the extreme. I hope that you are able to relax and heal over this next week and long weekend. Take care! (And good job keeping that baby safe!)

  2. Oh no! Tailbone breaks are the worst! I broke mine when I was 15, and it took _weeks_ to be able to not wince with pain every time I tried to move. Church was the worst - it would take me three verses of a hymn just to stand up all the way, and then I wouldn't hardly be able to sit down after that either.

    Hope you recover quickly!!

  3. I'm a lurker - but I'm here every day! - and I am so sorry to read about your tailbone. OUCH OUCH OUCH You must be more careful! Please heal soon.

    ps. I love your tutorials. xoxo love from Texas

  4. Praying for a QUICK recovery! Ohmygoodness, broken tailbone... I can't even imagine :( *hugs*

  5. What a good tip ... would have never thought of this to get that look. Hang in there girly. So sorry for your pain. *hugs*

  6. My sympathies on the tail bone. I broke mine when I was 14 and I had to take a cushion to school for a few months. (I had to use a cushion for school assemblies for *years* because those folding auditorium chairs always had the curve in *exactly* the right spot to put pressure on it.)

  7. I love the braid, and I am terribly sorry to hear about your accident... hoping for your soon recovery!

  8. So, so cute! I totally have the hair-breaking problem with little S. Her hair is so fine. Thanks for the tip!
    Try sitting on ice. My mom and I love it. ('Course, we've got other issues, but maybe with a break, it would feel nice.) Get one of those reusable gel pack ice packs from a drugstore. Heaven. :)

  9. Ouch! So sorry to hear about your tail bone! I broke mine twice. The first was the worst. 6 years ago, I went down a slide at a children's museum and it went super fast and my feet hit and I bounced in the air and landed on my bum. I knew instantly that I broke something. It took a year for it to somewhat feel okay for me to sit again. And still, if I'm sitting on a hard surface like a pew or restaurant booth, it will act up. The second time I was going down the stairs and tripped and fell down(on me bum of course). Luckily no baby in my arms, just laundry. Then, while I was lying on the couch trying to recover, my 2 year old poked me in the eye so badly, that I couldn't see out of my eye for a week! It was so swollen and watery! That still acts up too! Sheesh! What our kids do to us, but we love them so much anyway! :) Feel better soon! We don't get much time to recoup--our job never ends! :)

  10. Hope you're feeling better soon! :)


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