The Peerless Show (day one)

What a busy (hair week) I've had. I graduated this last week. That means I'm one of the few people who have an AAS degree in cosmetology/barbering. I'm not done with my required hours yet, but I am very close!!! Only 100 more to go. That put to be four or five more weeks until I'm 100% legal. I still have my hours to complete and my practical and written state tests to do. I'm so excited that THE END IS IN SIGHT!!! It has been two hard working years that have totally been worth it.

This week is also the week of the Peerless Spring show! I love this show. There are so many classes to attend and such great experiences. I learn new things every year. I meet some of the best in the business today! And I picked up some great new tips to share with you guys.

At the Onesta booth they were teaching the CUTEST flower style. Tomorrow night I'm going to try and shoot a video for you on little flowers because they are so perfect for Spring. I will try to post it by the end of this week.

I focused on color a lot today, so probably not anything new to report for this side of my hair passion, but I have so many things I can't wait to try in the salon. Tomorrow I'm going to hopefully go watch a few more up do classes. My two littlest will be going with me tomorrow, so we'll see how much I get to see tomorrow. I love this show and I think I appreciate it more this year than I did last year. I think I understand it more now.

Hair is my passion and I am the LUCKIEST person in the world to be doing this as my career. Thanks for following us on GIrly Do Hairstyles and I think it just is going to keep getting better here, so stick with us. Beans and I have so much to share.


  1. Sounds like you had fun. I have yet to go to any of their shows.
    And I am one of the few that has an AAS in Cosmetology and Barbering. Isn't it fun to be one of the few?
    And congrats on graduating. Isn't it fun?


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