The Peerless Show (day two)

Day two was much harder than my day one. I think having my boys there was fun, but challenging. I did go watch more up-do classes. One of which was in the Big Sexy Hair classroom. They teach up do styling as a five step system. I loved that concept. I'd love to take classes through there program.

I did try out those cute hair flowers I told you about on my last post. Super cute. I will shoot a tutorial and try to get it posted before the weekend. Happy hair doing!!!!


  1. Holy cow, those flowers are adorable. Can't wait for the tutorial!

  2. Love these Jenn! I'm excited to see the tut'!

  3. Those are really cute! Thanks for keeping up the blog, even though your life has gotten crazy and busy with the new addition.

    Sorry it posts hubby's name


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