What a Week

Sorry---- still adjusting. Another slow week for us her at Girly Do's. Just wanted you to know we are still here. Still planning on doing new hair tutorials. Just taking a tiny little break. I was going to do a mini giveaway, but even that's proving to be a challenge for me this week. So I hope you don't mind a flash back week. This is one of my favorite hair styles we've come up with. I've had a lot of people attempting it lately and sharing there work on our facebook page. It really brightens my day when you guys share your work. So for this week check out this past hair tutorial for this hairstyle and do it yourself. Bonus to show you really care---- post your pictures on my facebook page.


  1. Do it yourself hair style is nice and costless. But sometimes we still need to go to salon for an experts touch. Because they know what the latest on hair treatment and their experience is also good. Keep on collecting salon business cards so that when you need help from the expert you may call them up.

  2. Not sure what you mean Irene... I don't read in this little blurb anywhere where it discourages going to a salon. Sorry I just am not sure what your saying.

  3. This is too cute! I stumbled onto this site from pinterest, and although my girl is too little to do these with yet, I'm bookmarking you for later. Thank you so much for putting the work in!


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