One Sided Braids

 I am so lucky to have such a sweet cute niece that slept over a little while ago and asked if she could be featured on Girly Do's. So this is my beautiful niece Calico Kitten. She's been featured one or two times before.

We shot a video on this hairstyle, bust sadly it will make you motion sick if we shared it. Beans wanted to shoot the video and I'm thinking we better leave that part of the process to someone else. So I am sorry there is no video, but we can still do our best to explain this hairstyle.

It really is very simple. Its just three braids done on one side. I see girls do this all the time at school, but they do corn-row braids. This I felt like was a lot softer of a look. And much more feminine.

To give it that layered look you are just doing a half cage braid. That means you are doing the French-braid but taking a hair near the part and traveling it over the hair to where you want your braid to hang. And the half come in from you are only going to add hair on one side. On the top side to be specific.
 You repeat that process for all three braids letting them hang with out real specific parting lines. I really like this look so much better with this braid than the corn-row braid. You'll have to tell me which way you like it most.

Thank you Calico Kitten! You sure are a cute girl. Come sleep over again soon.
Beans and Jenn


  1. I love this look!

    However, I am a little confused by this part of the directions, "And the half come in from you are only going to add hair on one side"

    I think I can probably figure it out, but can you please clarify a little?
    drumwoman at gmail dot com

  2. Is this the one she wore in her simple braid video?


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