Side Fish Bone Braid

I was SOOOOOO excited this last weekend when we were able to braid Beans hair back into loose fish bone braids on both sides into a VERY SMALL messy bun. The top part is off centered to the right side and I used a zig-zag part when I did the back part of the braid. This reminds me of this hairstyle I did last year. This really is a good one for all ages. If a picture isn't enough and you need a video help just let me know in the comment field. Thanks so much.


  1. I think I get how to do it, but a video would be great just to make sure I do it right!! Thanks so much!!

  2. It's absolutely beautiful in the picture. But a video would be fantastic! :-D

  3. It looks really cute, but I am thinking a video would be helpful, too. Fishbone braids confuse me the most o.O (I have an easier time with 4- and 5-strand French braids... LOL )

  4. I would love a video to see how you did it!

  5. Oh a video please!! it is ADOrABle!!!
    Thank you!

  6. YESSSSS Please! A video would be fantastic! I'm a newbie here with three daughters! I'm so tired of doing boring ponytails! I'm very much a beginner and LOVE your ideas, but mostly am clueless how to do anything!!!! Thanks for helping us!!!!

  7. Sooo excited to find your blog!!! I have 3 lil princess' and all want hair done all the time!! My 3 yr old has perfectly straight thin hair, shoulder length and I love to experiment with it. I think I'm going to have to challenge myself for a few weeks to accomplish all your great braids and curls and fun styles!!!
    Thank You!!!

  8. (In a crowd chanting voice)
    VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I vote for a video as well :) I know you did one for the fish bone braid, but I LOVE how this look turned out!!!


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