Love Day

Valentines Day is right around the corner. And everyone wants to get dressed up with fun cute hairstyles appropriate for the day. Well you remember the double heart hairstyle we posted back in October, well we wanted to see if Beans hair was long enough to do it with ribbon using our ribbon braid... its kind of not. It was a bit of a stretch, but we made it happen still. I think I'll try this again but do a much smaller heart.

Both tutorials have been linked if you want to try this hairstyle. The ribbon is pink. You could use any color appropriate for valentines day. Check out these tutorials for more help.

The Heart Shape Braid
Basic Ribbon Braid
Using a Bead for Ribbon Braiding Video

I'll be trying this again because I think the ribbon braid in this particular style is perfect!!!! It adds so much to the look of the heart. What do you think? Have you done a heart shape in your hair or your daughters?


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  2. I've got to tell you that my daughter is super happy with her heart ribbon braids this morning. Mine didn't turn out near as nice as yours, but it was my 1st attempt so I'm giving myself some leeway. Thank you for the inspiration!


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