Fish-Bone Braid Video

I decided to do a video on this one from last week. I should have shot the video to start with, so hopefully you will forgive me. But here you have Beans and my video help for doing the fish bone braid. Hope it helps.

One thing I need to tell you before you watch this--- I'm pretty sure I do my fish bone braid different than most people, so even if you think you know how to do the fish bone braid have a look and see if this teaches you anything different and feel free to share your tips with me as well. At least I have been told I do it different. You'll have to let me know. Thanks for watching.


  1. I didn't know you were supposed to cross over the first section. I'll have to try it out and see if that helps keep it all from ending up at the bottom. Thanks!

  2. Such a gorgeous hairstyle. You do fish braid differently! It makes it much easier, but I think it also makes a looser more messy look. But regardless its beautiful. I tried it on my daughter and it didn't look this good lol. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Thank you for you video tutorial. This is very helpful to me. I am a Hairstylist... Yes, you do it differently. However, I feel that as long as the end result is the same and the hairs are where they should be it doesn't matter. I taught myself how to french braid when I was young, your holding technique is similar to mine. I have struggled with the "proper method" on the fish bone braid for years. Your tutorial has helped me greatly.


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