Daddy Daughter Dance Do

SUCH A GREAT WEEKEND. Beans was very fortunate to be taken on a date with who I think is the best man in the world. Her daddy. And of course that means getting dolled up and made to look your very best. Beans eats it up to be getting dolled up. So of course we had to shoot a tutorial on some of the VERY simple steps we took in making her hair look great. This style was really the combination of two SIMPLE STYLES.
 Here's the look we are going for. Curls and twists. I know for some of you this is so simple, but for others I know this can be very intimidating, so we did this in two videos for you. Hopefully they help.


It really is that easy. One of my goals is to try and have more  of these simple videos, so I hope they help. I have one last photo that shows the twists a little better. The only thing I left out on the video was that the bobby-pin needs to be embedded in the twist and in the base.
Beans and her dad danced the night away and enjoyed talking to there friends. Its not very often that a little girl gets to go out and have her dads full attention for a whole night. If you've been following Girly Do's for a long time you know how much I really push for quality family time! THIS was quality time!!!!


  1. Love it and the videos!! Thanks! Bobby pins are not my friends...I can never get them in right. Especially the criss-cross way. If you have a chance I would love to see a video on how to make the pins your friends!

  2. I think this is such a cute do. My sister did something like this on me years ago. Only she used a curling iron.

  3. So sad where have all of your videos gone :(


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