Braiding Video

I am trying to get videos out there on some of the more basic hairstyles. I know a lot of people have asked for braiding videos. I've done a video on braiding before, but I tried to do this video with a few different styles to hold your hands and try and keep track of where you are working. You know in trying to keep track of the strands of hair and not loosing order. I am pretty sure that the reason you can not french braid (if you can't) is because you loose track of what section you are adding into and which one you are crossing over. Hopefully this video helps.

At times I start to sound like that guy that used to do art work on PBS. I know it is a little boring and I am sorry for that. Hopefully you can get through it. I do show both ways to braid. Your regular braid is the first part and the second braid on the right side of the head will be the dutch braid. Watch it though because I think I show two or three ways you can try to do this is you are struggling. Hopefully one of those ways works for you.

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