Beans Teaches

My very cute (very nervous) Beans has come up with a great idea. She decided that she'd like to start doing her own tutorials to show other little girls how to do different hairstyles. Last night she came up with her first tutorial and we shot it for her. All day she's been super excited about this idea and has been playing with her hair all day coming up with new ideas.

 When Beans first learned to braid I walked into her room and EVERY Barbie had a braid. Loose ribbon was braided. Even dental floss--- okay maybe not the dental floss, but if she'd have thought of it she would have braided it. So once your girls figure this out I am sure you'll have braids all around the house.

Hopefully you enjoy this simple video and hopefully the young hairstylist out there learn this simple braiding technique. Beans is already coming up with more things she can do that she wants to share with you, so keep watching for more Beans Teaches Posts.
Thanks for watching.

Jenn and Beans


  1. Your daughter is so super cute. I love her tutorial, Well done Beans. :}

  2. Great tutorial Beans! I'm going to show my 7-year old how you do your braids under eachother and maybe that will help her learn. I braid the strands over - maybe that's more tricky? Thanks for your help!

  3. Oh my goodness, thatas adorable! Beans had my 5 year old "almost six" she says attention!

  4. She can already braid better than I can!

  5. good job Beans!! you learned from the best...your MOM!! :)

  6. Love it! Teaching is the best way to learn! (: Good job, girly!(:

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  8. Too cute!! She did a great job!!


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