Woody And Buzz Birthday Party

Every once in a while I share my other passions with you guys, mostly because I think I have a few good ideas to share and hope that someone else might be able to use my ideas. Actually it started after sharing Beans last birthday party. I've been told on more than one occasion that I should build a business planning parties, but I wouldn't know where to begin. And party's to me are like Halloween to me. I love to take the opportunity to really do something above and beyond for my kids.

This party was way back in September, but its been on my list of things I need to get posted for a while. This party was a HUGE HIT!!! I could do this party for every party here forward and everyone would be happy. And I have to be honest... I didn't put a lot of work into ANY OF IT!!!

First we have the invitations. And yes I did get this idea from someone else. I'd love to link them, but I didn't bookmark this idea originally. I saw it and stored it in the back of my mind and used it for this particular party. I wish I could link the original person. If it is you or if you know someone else who has done this please link them in the comment field. It really was/is a cute idea. We had fun with these invitations. I printed them at home, so it was cheap.
When kids (mostly just cousins) showed up we had a badge and a cowboy hat for each of them. They wrote and decorated there badge as they desired. And a few colored on there hats. We got lucky with the hats being at the dollar store. His birthday is so close to Halloween it just worked out nicely.
We picked up some balloons and had balloons all around the yard. And my oldest son decorated a poster for little mans party. I love getting the other kids involved in decorating or doing something fun for the party this year we worked on this poster. THEY DID GREAT!!! I'm a very proud mom.
Little man has a milk allergy so we make his cake each birthday. I lack big time in being creative when it comes to cakes. I did one for my oldest one year for a Bakugan party that was A-Maze-ING!!!!! But that was pretty much the last cool cake I've been able to make. This was simple and we found the characters at the dollar store or they would have all just been Alien guys.
But the real part that made the party a huge hit was the rockets. What better way to have a Woody and Buzz party than to build a rocket fit for Buzz Lightyear himself. So that is exactly what we did. I had my dad help me with the rocket launcher. He's great at building things! So I had him make the launcher and he brought over his air compressor for the party. We have a manual pump so the kids can play with this without a compressor too. That just made it nice and fast for everyone to launch a lot while the party was going.

How it worked was the kids made there rockets. We had some PVC pipe the same size as the rocket launcher so they could wrap paper around it and design there own rockets. We had markers, stickers, play-dough to add weight on the end and lots of paper and tape out so they could decorate and design as much as they wanted. The stickers were Woody and Buzz stickers to fit the theme of the party. Parents helped and got building there own rockets too. Once they saw that this launcher could send rockets clear over the house and down the road a competition started among everyone. It was a blast!
I put a video together hopefully you can see how well it launches. I think we made Buzz Lightyear proud with our rocket making skills.

Yes that last one was full of confetti. A little invention my sister came up with. Thanks for letting me take a hair break and share this idea with you. If you are interested in building a rocket launcher these are the instructions I used. You can find them at this link. I think with everything needed for the launcher I spent just over $20 and that included five extra pieces of PVC for the table to build rockets.

So again this wasn't a very costly party, but it was a lot of fun. If you use this idea I'd love to see pictures from your party. Either link them in the comment field or post to our facebook page. Thanks for stopping by.

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