Waterfall Braid VIDEO/Tutorial

Yeah for video help!!! One of the videos you've asked for is on our waterfall braid. So with a little help from the honey this weekend we were able to get you a video for this hairstyle.
Hair is slightly damp when you start this braid. I say that in the video, but I didn't actually spray the hair. You are mostly using the water to help with fly away hairs and in smoothing this hairstyle out.

I started my last semester of school this last week. Hence why I didn't post until Friday. This is going to be a very intense semester at school as I am preparing for state boards and preparing to get out into the real word. Be patient with me on the weeks I fall behind or slow to post. I will have new ideas and posts for you at least once a week.
Have a great week and don't forget we like to know what you think, so leave us some comment love. Let us know if this video was useful. And let us know of any other videos you'd like to see from Beans and myself.


  1. I've tried and tried and tried, and I cannot french braid at all. I stink at it....but luckily for my girls, my sis-in-law is great at it. She was over the other morning and my girls saw this post and begged her to try it. She watched your video and then braided my daughters' hair. It turned out beautiful! Next time, I think I will sit next to her and do the two girls hair side by side. Maybe she can help tell me what I'm doing wrong!!

    1. Keep trying! The first time I did it was completely by "accident". It was a hot summer night and I was just trying to get my hot hair up off my neck. Then my friend said, "HEY! You just French Braided your hair!" LOL

  2. I have followed your blog for a while I just have never commented! Thanks for that tutorial video! I have been seeing that waterfall braid everywhere and I could not get it with just he pics!!! Thanks so much!!

  3. I did it!!! Yahoo! And on my first try. Thank you for sharing your talent. What other ideas do you have for long hair?

  4. Beans is so freaking ADORABLE, and patient as a saint. Give her a hug from me! =)

  5. I'm so happy u hv this site nd ur videos on youtube... I love neat hairdo's nd i do em on my daughter nd nieces when they let me...

  6. best tutorial I've seen. I'm a little hair challenged but this was such clear instructions of which piece goes where. THANKS!

  7. I love this hair style the tutorial video was very helpful


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