Lovely Ladies

Over my winter break from school I was very fortunate to spend time with so many people that get neglected when I am in school. I don't think it is a secret that my best friend is Becky from Babes in Hairland. I think no one gets more neglected than she does while I am in school. This was a great break. I think she and I hung out three different times. This is HUGE, because we don't live near each other at all. This break was VERY special because I got to meet a long time internet friend for the first time ever. I got to meet Jen from All Things Ribbon.
We have kind of a fun unique friendship (the three of us). Jen is really good friends with Becky's sister and Becky got to meet Jen a while back while traveling through her neck of the woods. But this was the first time I ever got to meet this sweet woman!!!

Sadly I got a tooth infection the same time she was around and my face was swollen at the time. I was also on medication that made me feel loopy and tired. I spent a lot of the night just hoping I didn't say anything stupid or throw up on any one's shoes! Despite not being at 100% it was one of the best things ever. Meeting other bloggers out there and especially after the VERY long relationship over the internet.

I've been pretty loyal to Jen and her talent of bow making over the years. I honestly can't even tell you of a bow I've seen that comes close to her bows quality! We've done a few things charitable together and I LOVE how generous Jen is. She has a HUGE HEART!!! When I called for help with my Auction for Ash, she was one of the people who answered the call. Lets not even get into cry-fest conversations we've had back and forth working out details for caring for other little girls who needed a pick-me-up in my life. Jen is amazing, talented and hilarious! I had no idea of how hilarious until we went out to dessert last week.

Let me just share that we got roped into playing Bingo at this restaurant we were at. Jen won BIG! She won a rainbow colored bath loofah. We laughed into the night and challenged her to make a bow out of it. I'd love to see what her creative mind could come up with. As we sat at the table eating dessert I am pretty sure she "envisioned" a half a dozen different bow ideas or color combinations (not with the loofah, but with EVERYTHING). This gal sees everything as a possibility for a bow.

I can't wait to hang out again with these lovely ladies! Thank you for getting me out all medicated and swollen. I just hope I represented myself as well and didn't make a fool of myself.


  1. This night will truly live forever in history I tell ya! You both are so great ... I'm really going to have to change my name though! LOL

  2. No you don't, but I look fat faced. :)

  3. Cute picture ladies! Love girls' night!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and it's amazing and fabulous! I'm also a make-up junkie. :) I'll be sure to follow you Orange County Beer

  5. Tooth infection will surely give every individual a swollen face where the infection is located. It's good that you took medicines to cure the infection. How's it now? I hope that you've already visited your dentist. By the way, you look all stunning on the photos.

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