Knot Head Tutorial

I'm not sure I can keep calling these hair tutorials for short hair too much longer. Beans hair grows so fast! It is still pretty short, but we are getting closer every day to being able to pull her hair back into a ponytail.

FIRST TUTORIAL of 2012!!! I am so excited. I am not sure if this tutorial has been done before. I know it is a new one for us. I've seen this one used for some fancy updo hairstyles. But most people add hair on both sides. I am adding hair only on the knot end of this style. Its more simple that way and it just makes for a pretty embellishment on the side of her style.

This is actually a very grown up hairstyle. ANY age could pull this look off and love it. Super cute! We made a video for you on this one. That is one of my new goals for this year. To have more videos accessible for you all. I will still have photo picture step-by-step tutorials as well, but I know the videos help, so we will be doing more videos. ((Hopefully.))
This is a closer look at how the knots look in her hair. Remember that you can control where the finished braid hangs by control over the hair you add in. Its really easy to let this look saggy if you don't make sure and have the tension on the added in hair right. Just practice it if it gives you problems. You can do it!

Hope you like this one. The video took forever to upload, but it was worth the changes to look smooth like this. Hopefully we will have a lot more videos to come. The hair style itself is easy enough to do as a fast hairstyle and cute enough for all ages. Have a great week and a great New Year.


  1. That is SO Cute! I hope I have at least 1 willing model tomorrow so I can try it out. (My 3 are getting temperamental, and don't always want me playing with their hair anymore... lol)

  2. CUTE!!! We love your hairstyles!! With 4 girls it really helps alot!! thank you

  3. Love this one. I'm going to have to try this for sure. Love the new buttons up top too!

  4. Cute, cute, cute! You may have just solved my baptism conundrum. I'm trying to decide what to do with E's hair Saturday, and this is now in the running. Either way, a cute new style to add to our collection. :)

  5. Man, I wish my ex still had the bob cut. She is going to be my model if things go well between us, so I'm definitely using this style on her. Thanks, Jenn.

  6. oooh! This is adorable!! I am going to use it on ME tomorrow! Thank you! :D

  7. Just darling. I'm so glad that your daughter decided to cut her hair shorter b/c all of the other blogs like babes in hairland has left my 6 year old wanting some miracle hair growth product.
    I am so glad I found your blog. My daughter and I will start playing tomorrow.

  8. I LOVE the tutorial! I'm hoping my daughter likes this style because now I'm dying to try it!!!


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