I'm betting this one has been done elsewhere before. And probably even better than mine, but with Valentines just around the corner I wanted to throw a few more fun heart hairstyles together for shorter hair. This one I thought up last night and when I realized how simple it was I (kind of) think its probably been done before.

Step 1: Start with three loose ponytails on top.

Step 2: Pull the hair through the ponytail towards her face.

Step 3: Divide the hair in half and secure together towards the face using one half of the middle ponytail and one half of the side ponytail. You will repeat this for both sides of the center ponytail and you will have one free ponytail left on each of the sides.

Step 4: Secure the ponytail behind the first steps ponytail to be loose and look like a heart shape.

The sides will be the only part you have trouble (if any) with getting them to lay flat looking like a heart. Super easy and super cute! Hope you wear this one for your Valentines hair celebrations. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Perfect, simple style I can do before school Tuesday! Thanks! P.S. My daughter & I are huge fans of your blog!! :0)


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