End of 2011 Flash Back

This last week has been a rough one! On Monday I woke up with a little tooth ache, but decided it wasn't super bad and that it was just something I needed to have looked at before too much longer. The thought of course being when my kids were back in school. Tuesday I woke up with a painful jaw that was swollen two sizes bigger than normal. I had to go to the dentist that day it was so killer. Apparently I have an abscess tooth infection.It hurt like mad right up until today, so I haven't been having the most fun break ever... to put it mild.

So I didn't get any new hair do's shoot like I had planned, so I hope you don't mid me showing you my favorites of this year. From January to December these are Beans and my favorites. Hope you have had a good year with us. We've enjoyed our time with you and look forward to 2012 with you. Click on the photo to be taken right to the tutorial.

In January we did Loopy buns. Such a cute hair style. Her hair was so long at the start of the year.
February we talked more about things I had learned in school and I did a new video on rag curls. We also did this cute little hair do that is so simple that anyone can do it.

In March we did a lot of great hairstyles. I had a hard time choosing a favorite for this month. There was our very pretty beautiful updo using waterfall braids and lots of pretty bun toppers. I tried the rag curl wrap video AGAIN, a giveaway and I messed up on a cute hair do. But in the end I decided my favorite for this month was my cute little bun toppers.
April wasn't a very busy month for us as far as posting new ideas. But it was the moth that we went from long hair to short.

In May we were getting used to Miss Short hair. And we came up with this cute little number.

June gave us Triangle Curls. Who has tried triangle curls? Who is going to try triangle curls?
July was a busy month for EVERYONE, I fixed a lot of old posts... I STILL HAVE A TON MORE THAT I NEED TO FIX TOO, but I got a lot done that month! My favorite for this month was this flower headband.

In August we had one of my brother-in-laws wedding and did a cute updo for that with Beans short hair, but my favorite for August was a simple one. You have to love simple hair ideas. (I just noticed as I was linking that one that it has over 200 likes---- THANK YOU)

In September I did a video for those Knots in the previous photo above. But my favorite new hairdo was this braided headband tutorial. October I was busy creating Halloween costumes, and my favorite posted hairdo wasn't done on Beans, but on a friend at school. I love this hairdo and I loved playing with long hair again.
 November I was clearly having a lot of fun using waterfall braids in different hairstyles. And I actually have two or three favorites from this month, but I went with the one out of those favorites that we find ourselves using most. I love this one.
In December I think most people liked our cheating way to do waterfall braids, but my favorite and I think I am one of the only that LOVES this one so much is finger waves. I love Finger Waves.
Its been a very fun year and I look forward to 2012. Thank you so much for being a part of our Internet hair family. You guys are great and Beans and I {heart} you. Beans has big goals about what she'd like to see happen here on Girly Do Hairstyles. So she and I need to sit down and make some plans. Can't wait to see what she comes up with!


Jenn and Beans

Flashback Friday

I thought you might like a few hair do ideas for your holiday weekend. So I pulled out two of my favorite Holiday themed hair dos to share with you today. Just click on the photo to be taken to the original post. Hope you have a very Merry (and safe) Christmas

Faking a Waterfall Braid

I know a handful of you CAN'T french braid making waterfall braids nearly impossible, so this is my help for those of you who LOVE the waterfall braid, but can't do it for lack of being able to braid. You know I love to simplify hair do's for you. I did this a while back with french braiding (with this tutorial). So hopefully this helps those who want to do the waterfall braid. If you CAN braid and just need to be linked to the real waterfall braid go to this link.
Its not the same, but it looks cute and it won't slip out like a regular waterfall braid. Really its a pretty smart hair design.
Start with a ponytail in the front bang section where you want to start the style. You can just climb with ponytails or you can add a twist with your fingers or topsy-tail by sending the hair through the middle like we did.
Next you will section the hair out for your next ponytail.
Divide the hair from the first section so you have some to combine and some to leave cascading down.
Secure and if you are knotting with your topsy-tail of fingers repeat the style for each of your ponytail sections.

Do this until you reach your desired finishing spot. We just wanted them on one side of her head just as an accent detail to her already natural cuteness (awwww). You can use this any way you'd like. Hope you enjoy.

FIVE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!! I'm so not ready for this year. How close are you to being ready?

And the Winner is...

First I just want to thank Jen at All Things Ribbon again. I hope you got the chance to go check out her bows. She is seriously so talented when it comes to making a beautiful high quality bow that is untouched by anything else out there on the market!

Without delay the winner of the $25 gift certificate to All Things Ribbon is:
 And that comment belonged to:
Congratulations Christy. I will get an email sent out to you very shortly. Thank you everyone who entered and everyone who shared our giveaway on facebook and to your friends.

Its crunch time with Christmas just around the corner and I hope you all are ready and that you all have a very Merry Christmas. Check out All Things Ribbon and keep those pretty bows in mind for EVERY holiday.

GIVEAWAY!!!! ((ENDED--- Commenting closed))


I am super excited to be able to share this giveaway with you all. Its no secret that ALL THINGS RIBBON has been (and will be) a favorite bow maker. She has the most unique beautiful bows that are built to last. Her slogan is "Finally a bow to buy and outfit for." and that is very fitting. There are so many that I want from her collection! She has talent. And she also has a HUGE heart and is very generous. Today she is generously giving a
$25 Gift Certificate 
to get some new hair pretties (Or use towards her super pretty dresses).

First please make sure ALL COMMENTS are left on this post saying you have done the required action to get entered in. All the time giveaways are done and people enter comments on Facebook and think they are in. You must do the task required and then come back and leave a comment saying you have done it! Okay?

(Seven different comments required)
Entry #1--- Simply leave a comment. Everyone gets one freebie.

Entry #2--- Go to Jen's Facebook page and tell her you are trying to win her goodies, or just tell her I sent you to say hello. Just write on her wall and then come back and comment that you did it.

Entry #3---For those of you who "PIN" on Pintrest you can have a third entry for going to ALL THINGS RIBBON website and "Pinning" your favorite hair accessory or dress. Pin anything you love and then come back here and leave a comment. 

Entry #4--- Follow us here at Girly Do's Right over there to the right where it says, "Those Who Love a Good Hair Do." If you already follow us or become a follower you can leave a comment for an entry.

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Entry #6--- Follow us on Pintrest. Again, if you already are go ahead and leave your comment.

Entry #7--- And last hit the Share button on the post telling about this giveaway on Facebook. Or link your own post on Facebook, but it has to link back to this giveaway.

SEVEN ENTRY'S POSSIBLE!!!!Pretty sweet don't ya think? So go ahead and let the commenting begin. This giveaway will end Sunday Evening and I will announce the winner on Monday.


Finger Waves and Pincurls

((SIGH)) I've wanted to do this tutorial for a VERY long time. I have a slight love for "classic" hairstyles. This is just so beautiful! I have to add right here at the beginning that the bow in this hair do is from Jen at All Things Ribbon. I seriously love it in this hair do! Everything about it is just perfect.
I should first add that this could not have been done as a tutorial any other way than a video, so a HUGE thank you to my husband for being so patient and video taping this hair tutorial. I don't claim to be the best at finger waves--- I actually need (and want) a lot of practice. I feel a little inadequate to give the best tutorial, but I am hoping this makes some of you want to give this hairstyle a try. Beans wants to do this for school one day and we totally will. She turned super cute and sassy with this fun style, so we will for sure so this again.

I could see this being on a bride or a little flower girl at a wedding. This is easily one of my all time favorite hair dos on a woman or little girl. I hope you love it also.

Make sure and follow us on Facebook and/or Pintrest for more from Girly Do Hairstyles.

Thank you,

Jenn and Beans

Hair-Bow Video

I know Bows can be confusing... and we've been doing them for a very long time. We recently changed how we have done these cute little bows, so since so many asked for a video we made one. There is one little mess up when I do that bump between the bow loops. I note it on the video, so make sure and watch for that.

 For a few other hair ideas that we have used bows on in the past check these out:
Bows and Braids for Short Hair
Short Hair Pig Bows (Same as above just photo tutorial.)
Combination of Ribbon Braid with Hair Bow Ponytail
Low Pigtail Bows
Finishing Touch Bow on Braids
and last our Original Lady Gaga Bow done in 2009. 

I can't believe we've been doing bows for so long. Check those out if you like using bows. As for me its finals week, so I'd love some words of encouragement if you have some to share. Thanks all!!


Last week (On Monday) I volunteered my hair at school to be the demo for this Melting/Ombre effect. (In most places it is known as Ombre and if you google it you need to google Ombre, but if you live where I live, we know it as Melting.)I posted on Tuesday the first photo. This was the day after. I left feeling like it was rather orange and brassy. I didn't love it. So on Wednesday night we toned my hair and for me this was all the difference. The ends are still lighter as intended with the melting effect. I get a ton of compliments- which is always wonderful. And I don't feel so orange. Both look great, one is just more dramatic than the other. So I have a few questions for you...

#1--- Which do you like better. Picture one with me in blue, or picture two after it was toned in the very light gray? (Just go off the color not the style. The style in the first is way better than the second.)

#2--- Have you ever left a salon NOT totally in love with your new hair style/color? And did you ever return to that salon?

#3--- What makes you KNOW you got good results form a new color/style? Was it the compliments you got from people, was it the way you felt, did you just know because you know fully what your style is no questions asked... Just how do you know?

I hope you are all having a great weekend. We just shot two hair style videos that I plan on posting this week. So I will check back in on Monday or Tuesday with the first one. I have finals in school both days, so if I don't happen to sit down and post again until then... wish me luck.

Bows and Braids (Ideas for Short Hair #13)

I love the number thirteen. Its my lucky number!!! Today I don't have a tutorial, but I do have a new hair do suggestion. This is just a variation of the post earlier this week that used two pigtail bows. On this one I did just one bow then did a braid to secure in the back. Super cute from the back and from the front. I plan on having my husband help me (hopefully) with two video's this weekend, one of which will be on how we do our little bow. I think we've come up with a fool-proof method, so I am going to shoot a video for you. Watch for that to come shortly.

**UPDATE** For video help on the bow click on this link.

Tip on Thursday

I'm going to give this "Tip" sharing idea a go. But I might switch it to Tips for Tuesday (it just sounds better). But for today I am giving you Tips on Thursday.

I've learned A TON of great information with going to school and I haven't always been brave putting out there the things that I have learned, but I truly think some of the information I have learned can benefit a lot of you readers with managing your kids hair and your own as well. So take from these tips what you will and know that some with apply to you, but others not so much. Every one's hair is different and there are very few rules that apply to every one and every hair type.

Today I want to talk to you about STATIC!!!! I know I have readers from all over the world, but for those of you who live in areas you have to turn up the heat this time of year you may have noticed your hair seems to be more static attractive. Of course winter is a hard time to control the static, so I have two tips I use to share with you. You may try one or both.

First tip is to get your hands on a good leave in conditioner. I use It's a 10 with Keratin it is formulated to do ten different things to benefit the health of your hair. (Click that link to read more.) You are supposed to spray it right on the hair, but that sometimes makes my hair feel weighty. I do that every third or fourth time I apply this to my hair. But the rest of the time I will spray it on my hand and apply it right to the ends of my hair. I blow-dry my hair as usual and style without any threat of static.

Second tip is to rub your static-born hair midday with a drier sheet. If you find you have static midday and obviously can't put in a leave in conditioner just take a drier sheet and smooth it over the top of your hair and rub it into your ends. You don't want to go over board and weigh it down with the moisturizers you are nabbing from the drier sheet. So go easy with it.

There you have it. Two tips to hopefully help you control those fly ways. If you have any tips you might want to share and possibly have featured or if you have any questions I might be able to help you with by sharing next weeks tips please let me know your thoughts.

Short Hair Pig Tails (Ideas for Short Hair #12)


This is such a popular one right now. I wanted to make sure that you know this can totally be done and used in short hair as well as with long hair. Using the hair for its own bow style can really be used for all kinds of hairstyles both fun for little girls to fancy for moms or brides. Hopefully this tutorial will get a few little girls with short hair this fun hairstyle.
Start with pigtails. Half the hair up and half the hair down. You can curl that under or diffuse it just as a thought. I am doing this is damp hair. Its not completely wet, but it is very damp to make sure and smooth away fly away hairs.
 You make your loops with a little hair from each side and secure them with elastics for the bows loop. I came up with this idea to use the topsy-tail to to the cross over instead of going back and forth with hair and bobby-pins. I stuck the tool into the ponytail and I took a little hair from the ponytail rather than the ends from the loops. That way the ends are still there to act as the ends in the bow.
Pull some hair through the ponytail and you have your bows on both sides. MY LONG HAIR IDEA---- do climbers all the way down this bows at every intersection. That would just be so cute!!! I want to do it. I just need to get my hands into a head of very long hair. Maybe one of these days I will. If you take my suggestion make sure and send me a photo, I'd love to see this all the way down the hair.
Love this style, its easy and its cute and it is so much more than just pigtails. Hope you enjoy it too!

**UPDATE** For video help on these bows click on this link.



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